The terms and conditions of the e-shop

The seller spol. s r.o. (the seller) officially opened for business June 22, 2009 and the company is registered at the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, File 152876
Office address: Budapestska 1492/1, Praha 10, Czech republic
Company ID: 2815119
VAT ID: CZ2815119

The company activities are focused on Internet projects like eshops and online service start-ups.

These terms and conditions are connected with the e-shop provided on the domain

The goods offered on our eshop is produced in the Czech republic, European union.

The customer

 The customer is the buyer of the goods right from the seller. It could be the wholesale so as retail customer.

The Order and the Contract

The Contract is signed in the moment when the e-shop accepts the Order include payment from the customer. In case of payment method "Cash on Delivery" the Contract is signed in the moment, when the customer place the Order without payment.

The Price

The basic price showed on the eshop is include VAT (if applicable for the country of the custommer - e.g. for custommers inside EU) and without VAT (for customers outside of EU).

The prices, discounts, bonuses are valid until their are not changed on the websites of the e-shop.

The whole price consists of:
- Basic price (depends on the product)
- VAT (if applicable) (from 0€)
- shipping and packing fee (free delivery for most countries of the World and orders over 77€)
- Additional fee for payment gateway (from 0€ for payment using debet card)

The Payment Methods

The customer can choose the payment method base on the country of customer's residence e.g. 

- GP Webpay (no fee)
- PayPal (4% additional fee)
- Cash on Delivery (for Slovakia and Czech republic only, and with fee 1,06 €)
- Bank transfer (for EU only) (no fee) For details.

Companie's bank accounts:


Bank: Volksbank Löbau Zittau eG, Deutschland
IBAN: DE05855901004559257503

Bank: FIO, Czech republic
IBAN: CZ1320100000002200200997


Bank: FIO, Czech republic
IBAN: CZ4520100000002900075015

The Delivery

The possible delivery methods depends on the country of customer's residence e.g.
- DPD for European union exclude Czech republic
- FedEx for countries outside of European union, include Malta, Norway, Switzerland
- Czech post (for Czech republic only)

Cancellation of the contract

The customer is allowed to:
- cancel whole contract up to 14 days after delivery for not used goods (100% return = 100% refund)
- additionaly to cancel part of the contract up to the 2 years after the delivery. In case of partial cancellation the customer can get back appropriate part of the payment for returned goods, exclude accepted bonuses (e.g. free shipping), gifts..

To cancel the contract,
a) customer shall contact the seller using contatc form on the e-shop with the information:
- name of the customer
- address of the delivery
- the number of the Invoice, or Order
- the date of the Invoice or the date of the Order
- short description of the request, e.g. which part of the contract is asked to be cancelled, e.g. "the rest of 50 meters of the Sametic foil I can not use, as the nappy bin is not used anymore for children they grown up"
- the payment method to be used to send the refund (e.g. PayPal)

b) The seller shall send the answer to the customer up to the 7 days with the calculation: how much will the customer get back for the goods.

c) If the customer accepts the sume of refund, the customer shall: accept the credit meno (and to send signed credit memo to seller), send the good at their own expense to the seller office address (written on the beginnning of this document).

d) The seller will send the refund to the customer in 14 days after the goods in the described condition and quantity is delivered to the office address.

The communication costs

The communication costs, which the seller use to contact the seller are at his own expense.
The communication costs, which the custommers use to contact the seller are at their own expense.

Cookies and user data

The customer by using the e-shop accepts, that the seller is using the cookies. The customer can save his / her data like name, surname, address,.. to use the e-shop more effective, e.g. save time during creating the order.

The customer is allowed to cancell these acceptance by deleting the account or using the contact form. In this case seller will delete this data from the system. To delete cookies from the browser, the customer shall clean the history and cookies in the browser.

The Protection of Personal Data

Following the Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on the Protection of Personal Data, the seller is registered under The Office for Personal Data Protection, Czech republic under the number: 00055131 / 001.

The customer is allowed to ask to delete his / her personal data from the e-shop and the seller is ready to do it on a request.

The validity of this document

This version of the Terms and conditions are valid from 14.12.2015 until new Terms and condition will be publiced on this website.



We are doing our best to offer You quality goods, service for adequate price. If You have a questions, suggestions, don't hesitate to contact us. 

Your Sametic team spol. s r.o.